About the Founder

Woman of God, Wife, and Mother

These are just a few titles for our driven, creative, and free-spirited founder and CEO, Rickeyta Starks.

She is a living testimony of what it looks like to put your trust in God and His promises. Even when circumstances prompt you to listen to doubts and negative thoughts that whisper "you can't do this, things will never change, and no one cares."

Rickeyta's journey in this "walk of life" we all have to partake in say's TRUST and BELIEVE even when you don't appear to have the resources, finances, or relationships to do so. In the middle of a dark place of her life, where depression became real and isolation was a safe space, she realized, this wasn't the "abundant life" that God promised her.

At the time, even with a loving husband, two beautiful children, family and friends who loved her, she still felt empty, lost, and unfulfilled. She then took time to figure out "WHO AM I NOW, AT THIS PRESENT TIME?" Sometimes you know the answer to this question but sometimes you need a reminder!


After months of depression, isolation, and emotional eating, she gained  50 pounds.  She then looked in the mirror and said "THIS IS IT! I'm making a change today!" She was fed up with treating her body as if it wasn't bought with a very expensive price! She was done putting herself in solitary confinement, the worst form of punishment! She was fed up with feeling tired, uninspired, and just known for being a wife and mother! She wanted to DO SOMETHING!

At her lowest point, God instructed her to change her physical lifestyle and create a group to take other women along with her. Being obedient, she did just that. It was then that The Shed was born. It started with just herself and 3 other women working out in her garage to now reaching hundreds.


Her goal was to create a group where she could honestly walk out her journey while motivating and inspiring other women. She wanted a group where she wouldn't be displayed as the leader who has already accomplished her fitness goals but the leader who is walking right beside each member that's still learning and growing. She wants to display a leader who stumbles sometimes but will show her SHEDSTER (Shed Sister) how to get back up. Her hope is to motivate and help women to live a healthier lifestyle physically, spiritually, socially, and emotionally. Rickeyta is a Licensed Group Fitness Instructor, currently living in Lancaster, Texas with her husband Anthony, and children: Anthony Jr., Austin Reese, and Autumn Rain. Rickeyta's family attends Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship (OCBF) Church under the leadership of

Dr. Tony Evans.

"I just want to inspire women to do better, live better, and BE GREAT!"


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